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Starting again; starting a blog

Life journey. Positivity. Motivation. Inspiration. Freedom.

I've spent so long thinking about starting this blog, that even I cannot stand myself any longer, and will start this blog regardless. Why? As there are too many things I want to share with the world, and that is stronger than my need for being completely ready, or waiting for the perfect moment. So here is my first blog.

Why am I blogging?

I want you to join me, as I make my way from someone in advertising to a successful, children's book author and illustrator. You might think that sounds easy enough, and I'm sure it will be. However, what that represents for me is something even larger. I want to leave the world of working a fixed hours job, where I am working for someone else, needing permission to take holidays, and knowing exactly how much I get paid.

Basically, as much as you have heard this, I want to be free. Freedom to choose when and how I work.

So, is that it? Is this blog just about that journey? Yes and no. Yes, I will write about my journey, and how I am changing, or how I plan to achieve it; but am the same time I also want to talk to you about life and how I want to live mine, and how I can live it to the best of my ability, in the happiest way possible.

I want to share my thoughts about being positive, letting go of the past, freeing your mind and looking at the world in a different light, in order to be the best me, to help the most people and even if just a bit, change the world.

Again, why am I blogging all of the above, and the whole journey? I think it's because I need you more than you need to know about me. I have tried to various extents over the years to achieve many things. All without success. Although failure is a stepping stone to success, I want to try again, knowing you are there to share the journey, which will make it more fun, and happy!

On that note, I need to leave now, to go to a Japanese class, to improve my Japanese, which in turn will improve my circumstances and life, and in turn, I can feel better and give more back to the world. So, on that note, this journey and a taste of what I will be talking about begins. As a big P.S. I'll also be talking about how to create a children's book from scratch, and the steps and processes. I will have to take those actions in order to show you, which luckily, will help me achieve my first goal. Freedom.

I'm excited about this. I wonder what's around the riverbend?


Mount Fuji Sunset Tokyo Japan fiery sky clouds

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