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Restarting, again. Drawing a children's picture book.

Just start...

I simply didn't complete my picture book, last year, or over the past many years. However, this blog isn't about why, or the past. It's about my this new attempt, this time, this chance :)

Whatever wind is carrying me this time, whatever motivations and reasons, I am not going to over analyse them. I just know this time I want to complete it, and I am going with it.

One question that has always been playing on my mind was "But..... are you ready? Are you sure you're really ready?". I have been listening to a lot of audio "tapes" recently, and one quote I love from Les Brown (motivational speaker) is "Leap, and grow your wings on the way down".

So, here I go again! .......... Leap! :)

children's picture book illustration sketch plan drawing

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